Office Connector Import

Office Connector Import 1.1

Use Excel data to create files that can be imported into Sage Timberline Office
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Sage Timberline Office allows selected types of records and transactions to be imported from properly formatted text files. Office Connector Import puts this technology in your hands by removing the complexities associated with formatting your data according to the precise rules in Sage Timberline Office. You have the freedom to organize your data in Excel how you wish and Office Connector Import collects your data and assembles it into the desired import files. There is no need to modify or adapt the layout of your report to accommodate the file formats required by Sage Timberline Office. Once the Office Connector Import functions have been added to a report, you can use that report over and over again to quickly create import files. You will not lose time recreating and/or reformatting the information to produce import files each time!

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